Election Overview

The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council (GJDC) will be comprised of elected and appointed members. The election process is for elected members of the GJDC only. Having had the endorsement of the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in June 2019 it is critical that the election process provides a transparent, orderly and fair method to allow eligible individuals within the Jamaican Diaspora to offer themselves for service.
This election process will be implemented in the three countries which have the largest Jamaican Diaspora populations, namely: Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, referred to as the established Diaspora locations. As other Jamaica Diaspora populations in other regions of the world become more organized they will also be able to conduct elections.


To become a member of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council an individual may be elected by the Diaspora in each established Diaspora region and subsequently will be issued a letter of confirmation by the Minister with responsibility for Diaspora Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

In each established Diaspora region an independent Electoral Committee has been established to conduct elections and manage the logistics for the election of Global Jamaica Diaspora Council members.  (See Electoral Committee Listing HERE)

Elections shall be conducted over a 15-day period between 1st December to 15th December 2109. The Voting Period for these elections in Canada, the UK and the USA is the same. 

The regional elections shall elect two Council Member from Canada; two from the UK- North & South and three from the USA – North East, Mid-West/West and Southern.  Candidates who have met the eligibility criteria outlined on the nominations page will be approved by the respective Electoral Committee for the elections. 


The founding leadership of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council will be appointed as the Youth Members of the GJDC. After this first term of three years, elections will also be used for selection to the GJDC. 

Additional Resources

For more information on the official election process, please see the document below

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